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Coffee Geek and Friends website

Coffee Geek & Friends

Coffee Geek is an independent artisanal café in the heart of Victoria. They pride themselves on providing a friendly, knowledgeable service perfect for first-time drinkers and seasoned coffee connoisseurs.

Owners Matt and Robin asked me to design and build a site influenced by the sleek, modern and minimal interior. It was clear to me that the site needed to reinforce the knowledge of its cafe staff in order for customers to better relate to the name and give them a reason to visit Coffee Geek instead of it’s nearby chain competitors.


Coffee Geek and Friends website Coffee Geek and Friends website
Coffee Geek and Friends website
“James was attentive throughout the whole project. He really understood what our café is about and in the spirit of collaboration designed and built a site that couldn't be more perfect for our needs." - Nic, manager

My name is James. I am a dedicated, enthusiastic and focused designer and developer.

I take a holistic approach to projects, specialising in front-end development, digital design and identity. Integrating coding into my creative approach, I design more empathetically for the web and actively use technology as part of the process, not as an afterthought.

I believe in a thoughtful, concept driven approach to design that allows function to dictate form, and I work inquisitively and openly with clients to find the right result. I'm always up for new challenges. If you would like to collaborate, feel free to get in touch: hello@mynameisjames.co.uk