James Brasted
Art & Design
+44 (0) 78 0964 2187
Produced for Blood & Biscuits

T-shirt and tote bag designs produced for instrumental noise-rock band Three Trapped Tigers. You can listen to them here.

A series of five, three layer screen printed posters which explore waveforms in a visual manner.

'Sine/Square' (2013)

'Square/Sawtooth' (2013)

'Triangle/Sawtooth' (2013)

'Sine/Sine' (2013)

'Triangle/Sine' (2013)
A series of two poster designs produced in celebration of Al Reinert’s 1989 documentary film 'For All Mankind'.

Produced for Acroplane Recordings

All ten tracks of Duskky’s 'Illeism' were analysed and processed by a spectrograph in order to generate ten individual spectograms representative of each track. I then asked Duskky for a breakdown of the album in terms of colour; how each colour related and evolved through different movements and atmospheres of the album. Thus creating a graphic score for the album. You can listen to it here.

"I approach the tracks like they’re each little creatures, with their own ways of moving and interacting with the environment around them. Each one is supposed to have a certain personality or feel which is in some way distinct from the others. However, by virtue of them all being grown from the same broad gene pool they feel related to each other, sharing in the environmental pressures from the world around them." - Duskky
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