James Brasted
Art & Design
+44 (0) 78 0964 2187
Produced for Blood & Biscuits

T-shirt design produced for "one of Japan's top instrumental rock acts." You can listen to LITE here.

Produced for Blood & Biscuits

T-shirt and tote bag designs produced for instrumental noise-rock band Three Trapped Tigers. You can listen to them here.

A series of five, three layer screen printed posters which explore waveforms in a visual manner.

'Sine/Square' (2013)

'Square/Sawtooth' (2013)

'Triangle/Sawtooth' (2013)

'Sine/Sine' (2013)

'Triangle/Sine' (2013)
A series of two poster designs produced in celebration of Al Reinert’s 1989 documentary film 'For All Mankind'.

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